Chamber of Commerce

Meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of every month
5:30 PM, at the Grand View Firehouse.

Special events include Grand View Days in June,

St. Patrick's Day Dinner in March and Senior Scholarship

Check the Community Calendar for specific dates and times.


Vicki Theodozio, President
Vicki Deming, Secretary
Bob Swenson, Treasurer
Jale Rubelt, Board of Directors
Terry Carothers, Board of Directors
Tiffany Meyers, Board of Directors
Bill Mead
Dale Gray
Edwin Collett
Jim Morrison
Laura Fredrickson
Margaret Hexum
Opal Ward
Patricia Beaman
Paul Spang
Richard Fredrickson
Richard Waltz
Ronald Hexum
Shelby Chandler
Stephanie Robynn Ridley
Verla Spang
Vickie Chandler